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Why does Rabia Anam Cry so Easily? – Check Her Answers [Video]

Rabia Anam is a well-known personality in the media industry, famous for her emotional outbursts on the screen. She is a public figure who has gained a massive following due to her sincere and emotional demeanor. Currently, she is a host at Express TV.

Why does Rabia Anam Cry so Easily?

Why does Rabia Anam Cry so Easily? - Check Her Answers [Video]

In a recent interview with her husband Obaid Rehman, Rabia shared interesting insights into her emotional personality.

Why does Rabia Anam Cry so Easily?

Rabia Anam is often seen crying on her shows, which has led to many people questioning whether she is genuinely emotional or if it’s just for ratings. However, in her interview with her husband, Rabia shared that she is an emotional person who cries at the slightest thing. She even admitted that she cries when she is angry, and she talks only when she is crying.

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Rabia Anam’s Personal Life

In the interview, Rabia shared that she and her husband have a great relationship and never fight with each other. They are on the same page and support each other in every aspect of life. However, she admitted that she cried in front of her husband a few days ago because she was feeling hungry and wanted home-cooked food. This incident shows how sensitive and emotional Rabia is, and she can break down at the smallest things.

Why does Rabia Anam Cry so Easily? - Check Her Answers [Video]
Why does Rabia Anam Cry so Easily? - Check Her Answers [Video]

In conclusion, Rabia Anam is a genuinely emotional person who wears her heart on her sleeve. Her crying on the screen is not just for ratings, as she admitted that she cries at home as well. Her fans adore her for her sincerity and emotional nature, and it is one of the reasons why she has a massive following on social media. Rabia Anam’s emotional personality is something that sets her apart from others, and it’s a quality that her fans love about her.

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