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Zara Sheikh confirms her alleged affair with Mikaal Zulfiqar

The Pakistani film industry has been known for producing overnight stars, and Zara Sheikh is one such name. She debuted in 2001 and became a household name after her first project. Fans still remember her appearance in the song Khamaaj alongside Shaan Shahid. Although she disappeared from the scene for a while, she returned with a dance number in Heer Maan Ja and later earned her television debut with Raqs e Bismil.

Zara Sheikh opens up about her love life on Shan e Suhoor

Zara Sheikh confirms her alleged affair with Mikaal Zulfiqar

Zara Sheikh usually keeps her personal life private but recently divulged some details about her love life as a guest on Nida Yasir’s Shan e Suhoor. Nida directly asked her about her alleged affair with actor Mikaal Zulfiqar, which was big news in the past.

Zara Sheikh confirms her alleged affair with Mikaal Zulfiqar

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Details of Zara Sheikh’s Affair

Zara confirmed that she and Mikaal were together but didn’t share further details. She said she wouldn’t want to discuss it and wanted to move on. In response to Nida’s direct question, Zara said, “Yes, Mikaal and I were together, but I don’t want to discuss it. I want to move on.


Zara’s statement has sparked much interest among her fans and followers, who have been waiting for her to return. Zara’s fans eagerly await her to announce her next project and are excited to see her on the big screen again.

In conclusion, Zara Sheikh’s confirmation of her alleged affair with Mikaal Zulfiqar has caused a stir among her fans and followers. It remains to be seen what she has in store for her fans and followers in the future.


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