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Rebuilding Connections: Connecting People in Crisis through Free Calling

Zong, the forefront pioneer in Pakistan’s telecommunication industry, is reaching out with empathy and a strong sense of social responsibility to offer unwavering support to the Biparjoy-affected areas including Sirani, Sakro, Chuhar Jamali, and Jati so far. In a heartfelt effort to ease the burden of these challenging times, Zong 4G is providing 20 minutes of complimentary calling to individuals residing in these regions, ensuring that connectivity remains a lifeline and a source of solace amidst adversity.

Zong Connecting People in Crisis through Free Calling

Rebuilding Connections: Connecting People in Crisis through Free Calling

The Biparjoy affected areas have recently endured unimaginable hardships, disrupted lives and severely affected the daily lives of common citizens. The power of effective communication during times of crisis cannot be overstated, and Zong 4G understands the profound impact it can have on restoring hope and connecting people in need. With a deep commitment to fostering human connection and empowerment, Zong 4G is dedicated to providing free minutes to individuals in these areas, enabling them to reach out to their loved ones, access essential services, and find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

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The official spokesperson for Zong 4G shared his heartfelt thoughts on the initiative, saying, “Zong 4G stands shoulder to shoulder with the Biparjoy affectees, fully aware of the depth of their struggle. As responsible telecommunications providers, our moral obligation is to extend compassion and support to communities in need. Through the provision of 20 minutes of free calling, we aim to not only facilitate seamless communication but also provide a lifeline of hope and connection to those who need it most.”

To ensure accessibility for those affected, residents of the designated Biparjoy affected areas can simply dial *9090# to activate the offer through their Zong 4G mobile numbers. This initiative is for both prepaid and postpaid customers within the affected geographies, emphasizing Zong’s commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that no one is left behind in their time of need.

This impactful initiative by Zong 4G reflects the company’s unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility and its understanding of the power of human connection. With its solid reputation for providing a robust and reliable network and a culture of continuous innovation, Zong 4G continues to exemplify its position as the Number 1 telecommunications company in Pakistan, while keeping the human element at the core of its operations.


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