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Japanese Man Spent Over $15,000 to Become a Dog – Watch Video

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dog? To run, play, and sniff around with other furry friends? Well, one Japanese man decided to make his childhood dream come true by spending over $15,000 on a realistic dog costume.

Meet Toco, the Human Collie

Japanese Man Spent Over $15,000 to Become a Dog - Watch Video

Toco is a Japanese man who has always wanted to be an animal, especially a dog. He loves dogs so much that he commissioned a professional agency called Zeppet to create a custom-made collie costume for him. Zeppet is a company that specializes in making sculptures and models for movies, commercials, and amusement facilities. They also make costumes and mascots for TV shows and events.

Toco paid about two million yen (around $15,700) for his collie costume, which took 40 days to make. The costume is very detailed and lifelike, with realistic fur, eyes, ears, and tail. It also has a movable mouth and tongue that Toco can control with his own mouth.

Japanese Man Spent Over $15,000 to Become a Dog - Watch Video

Toco’s First Walk Outside as a Dog

Toco has a YouTube channel where he shares his videos of living as a dog. He has over 30,000 subscribers who follow his adventures. He usually plays in his backyard or inside his house, where he does tricks, gets treats, and cuddles with his owner.

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But recently, he decided to take a big step and go outside in public for the first time as a dog. He posted a video of his first walk on a leash, where he visited a park and met other dogs and people. He sniffs at the grass, rolls on the ground, and wags his tail happily. He also interacts with other dogs, who seem to accept him as one of their own.

People also seem to enjoy his presence, but it’s unclear if they know he’s not a real dog. Toco keeps his identity a secret because he doesn’t want people he knows to judge him for his unusual hobby. He’s afraid his friends and family might think he’s weird.

Why Does Toco Want to Be a Dog?

Toco says he has always loved animals since he was a child. He says he feels more comfortable and free as an animal than as a human. He says being a dog makes him happy and relaxed.

He chose to be a collie because it’s his favorite breed of dog. He also says that the long hair of the collie can hide his human figure better. He says he likes to be cute and fluffy.

Toco says he doesn’t care what others think of him as long as he can enjoy his life as a dog. He says he hopes to inspire others who have similar dreams to pursue them without fear.

What Do You Think of Toco’s Story?

Toco’s story is certainly unusual and fascinating. Some might think he’s crazy or weird, while others might admire his courage and creativity. What do you think of Toco’s story? Do you support his choice to live as a dog? Do you have any questions or comments for him? Let us know in the comments below!

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