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Beep Pakistan: A Secure Messaging App for Government Officials

The government of Pakistan has recently launched its own messaging app, Beep Pakistan, as an alternative to WhatsApp. The app is designed to provide secure and seamless communication among government officials and employees, and to prevent the leakage of sensitive information. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and future plans of Beep Pakistan.

What is Beep Pakistan?

Beep Pakistan: A Secure Messaging App for Government Officials

Beep Pakistan is a local chat application that was inaugurated by Federal Minister for IT, Syed Aminul Haq, on Monday. The app is equipped with audio and video capabilities similar to WhatsApp, and also allows users to set up conference calls. The app was developed by the National Information Technology Board (NITB) under the Smart e-Office initiative.

The primary purpose of the app is to ensure the protection of important official conversations among government personnel. Syed Aminul Haq emphasized that the data accessed on the app will be stored in Pakistan so that there is no danger of data breach from external powers. Thus, it will prove to be beneficial, especially for state officials who deal with sensitive matters.

Who can use Beep Pakistan?

Initially, the app will be exclusive to specific government officials who have been selected for the trial phase. The Minister mentioned that after one month of trial use, all government officers and employees will be able to use the app¹. He also stated that after one year of successful use, the app will be made available for public use.

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The Minister received a standing ovation from attendees of the ceremony, recognizing his exceptional service in the field of information and communication technology during his three-year tenure. He also launched a new and modern web version of the e-office, which is a digital workplace solution that replaces the existing method of manual handling of files and documents with an efficient electronic system.

Why Beep Pakistan?

Beep Pakistan is not the first attempt by the government to create its own messaging app. In 2015, the Ministry of IT announced the introduction of E-Office, a secure and seamless messaging app for government officials. However, the project did not materialize due to various reasons.

The need for a local messaging app became more urgent after WhatsApp updated its privacy policy in January 2021, which sparked concerns among users about their data being shared with Facebook and other third parties. Many users switched to other apps like Signal and Telegram, which offer more privacy and security features.

However, these apps are not immune to hacking or spying by foreign agencies. In fact, a global investigation found that India had targeted a phone formerly used by Prime Minister Imran Khan with spyware developed by an Israeli company, raising worries of broad privacy and rights violations.

Therefore, Beep Pakistan is a welcome initiative by the government to safeguard its own data and communication from external threats. The app will also enhance the efficiency and transparency of the governmental processes and services delivery mechanisms.


Beep Pakistan is a promising step towards digitalization and innovation in Pakistan. The app will provide a secure and convenient platform for government officials and employees to communicate with each other. It will also pave the way for public access in the future, giving users an option to choose a local app over foreign ones.

What do you think about Beep Pakistan? Do you think it will be successful in achieving its objectives? Share your views in the comments section below.


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