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Obaid Ur Rehman Became Pakistan’s First 4D Artist – Check Out His Journey

Have you ever seen a painting that looks so realistic that you feel like you can touch it, walk into it, or even become part of it? That’s the magic of 4D art, a genre of street art that uses optical illusions to create three-dimensional effects on a two-dimensional surface.

Meet Obaid Ur Rehman, Pakistan’s First 4D Artist

Obaid Ur Rehman Became Pakistan's First 4D Artist - Check Out His Journey

Obaid Ur Rehman is a young and talented artist from Karachi who has mastered the art of 4D painting. He is the first artist in Pakistan to create a 4D painting, and also the pioneer of 3D/anamorphic art in the country. He has showcased his artwork in various galleries in Pakistan and abroad, and has represented Pakistan in international festivals and competitions.

Obaid Ur Rehman Journey

Obaid Ur Rehman started his artistic journey as a child, drawing sketches on the walls and rooftop of his house. He discovered his passion for 3D art by accident, when he realized that he could create a depth effect by using perspective and shading techniques. He decided to take his art to a larger scale, and began studying the literature and works of famous 3D artists, such as Tracy Lee Stum, Julian Beever, and Kurt Wenner.

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He also experimented with different mediums, surfaces, and technologies to find his own style and expression. He used chalk, paint, markers, and even digital tools to create his amazing artworks. He also incorporated elements of Pakistani culture and heritage into his paintings, such as truck art, Rajasthani miniature, and calligraphy.

One of his most impressive works is a 4D painting that he created for the Street Art Festival in Wilhelmshaven, Germany in 2016. The painting depicts a scene from the famous Pakistani movie “Moor”, which is set in the Balochistan province. The painting shows a train passing through a mountainous landscape, with a boy standing on the edge of the cliff. The painting is so realistic that it seems like the viewer can step into the scene and join the boy on his adventure.

Obaid Ur Rehman says that his aim is to create interactive and immersive experiences for the viewers, who can interact with his paintings and become part of them. He says that he tries to represent Pakistan in the best way possible at the international forums, and hopes to inspire more people to appreciate and pursue 3D/4D art.

How to Appreciate 4D Art

If you are wondering how to enjoy 4D art, here are some tips:

  • Look for the right angle. 4D paintings are designed to be viewed from a specific point of view, which creates the illusion of depth and perspective. If you look at them from another angle, they will appear distorted or flat.
  • Use your camera. Taking photos or videos of 4D paintings can enhance their effects and make them more realistic. You can also use your camera to find the best angle to view them.
  • Interact with them. Some 4D paintings invite you to pose with them or within them, which can make them more fun and engaging. You can also use props or accessories to add more drama or humor to your photos.
  • Share them with others. 4D paintings are meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. You can post your photos or videos on social media platforms or blogs, or send them to your friends and family. You can also tag the artist or use hashtags to show your appreciation and support.

We hope you enjoyed this article about Obaid Ur Rehman and his amazing 4D art.

What do you think of 4D art? Have you ever seen or interacted with one? Do you have a favorite 4D artist or painting? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.


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