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Tahra by Zainab Chottani: A Luxurious Festive Collection

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Zainab Chottani is a renowned Pakistani fashion designer who has been creating stunning outfits for women since 2009. Her brand is known for its exquisite craftsmanship, intricate embroidery, and elegant silhouettes. Zainab Chottani’s latest collection, Tahra, is a luxury festive unstitched line that celebrates the beauty and grace of Pakistani culture.

Tahra by Zainab Chottani

Tahra by Zainab Chottani: A Luxurious Festive Collection

Tahra is inspired by the rich heritage and traditions of Pakistan, especially the Mughal era. The collection features a range of gorgeous fabrics such as silk, chiffon, organza, net, and velvet, adorned with delicate handwork, sequins, pearls, crystals, and zari. The color palette is vibrant and festive, with shades of red, maroon, gold, green, blue, purple, and pink. The designs are a fusion of classic and contemporary styles, with a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Tahra offers a variety of options for women to choose from, depending on their preference and occasion. The collection includes three-piece suits, lehengas, ghararas, shararas, and sarees. Each outfit comes with a matching dupatta and an unstitched trouser fabric.

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Tahra by Zainab Chottani is a perfect choice for women who want to look stunning and elegant on festive occasions such as Eid, weddings, parties, and formal events. The collection is available online on Zainab Chottani’s official website and in stores across Pakistan. You can also order customized stitching services from the website for an additional charge.

Outfits from Tahra by Zainab Chottani

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Mah’bano: A Plum Perfection

Mah’bano is a stunning ensemble that combines warm festive hues with intricate embellishments. The plum canvas is a perfect backdrop for the traditional and contemporary elegance of this outfit.

Tahra by Zainab Chottani: A Luxurious Festive Collection

Saanjh: A Vibrant Versatility

Saanjh is a masterpiece of exquisite themed craftsmanship. The emerald green and plum canvas are embellished with intricate details that create a festive vibe. This outfit is versatile and vibrant, suitable for any occasion.

Tahra by Zainab Chottani: A Luxurious Festive Collection

Mumtaz: A Dreamy Divinity

Mumtaz is a heavenly ensemble that radiates a dreamy and divine aura. The ivory canvas is adorned with delicate embellishments that enhance the ethereal silhouette of this outfit. This outfit is simply divine and imparts festivities.

Tahra by Zainab Chottani: A Luxurious Festive Collection

Marjan: A Black Beauty

Marjan showcases the vibrant versatility of our traditional craftsmanship. The black set is carefully crafted with detailed embellishments that create a refined aesthetic. This outfit is elegant and sophisticated, ideal for a night out.

Tahra by Zainab Chottani: A Luxurious Festive Collection

Sultana: A Bold Balance

Sultana is an ensemble that is intricately adorned with embellishments all over. The blue and pink canvas strikes a subtle balance, adding versatility to the look. This outfit is bold and endearing, perfect for a festive celebration.

Tahra by Zainab Chottani: A Luxurious Festive Collection

Jahanara: A Floral Fantasy

Jahanara embodies an exquisite blend of elegance and grace, lavishly adorned on a floral canvas. The canvas is meticulously embellished with sequins and resham embroidery, culminating in a majestic ensemble. This outfit is a floral fantasy, fit for a queen.

Tahra by Zainab Chottani: A Luxurious Festive Collection
Tahra by Zainab Chottani: A Luxurious Festive Collection

If you are looking for a luxurious festive collection that reflects your style and personality, then Tahra by Zainab Chottani is the one for you. You will surely turn heads and receive compliments wherever you go wearing these beautiful outfits. So hurry up and grab your favorite pieces before they run out of stock!

Tahra Luxury Festive ‘23, launching online in Just 3 Days i.e 23rd Sep on and

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about Tahra by Zainab Chottani. What do you think about this collection? Which outfit did you like the most? Let us know your feedback and views in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

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