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Hajra Khan controversial book on Imran Khan – All Details You Need to Know

Hajra Khan Panezai is a Pakistani actress. She is currently in the news due to her launch of a book against Imran Khan. Hajra Khan is set to launch the original version of her book written back in 2014 that carries some explosive allegations against former prime minister Imran Khan. Book is titled “Where the Opium Grows: Surviving Pakistan as a Woman, an Actress And Knowing Imran Khan”. Book is Available on Amazon for those who are interested in reading it.

Hajra Khan controversial book on Imran Khan – All Details You Need to Know

Hajra Khan controversial book on Imran Khan - All Details You Need to Know

The book’s contents

Controversial Book is a memoir of Hajra Panezai’s life. She expresses her life stories from her childhood in Quetta to her career as an actress in Karachi. Important thing about book is its relationship with Former PM Imran Khan. Hajra reveals her relationship with Imran Khan. She claimed to have met Imran Khan in 2010 during the shooting of a drama serial “Buri Aurat”. She alleges Imran Khan for pursuing her for his political gains and then forced her to leave the country in 2014. She also accuses Khan of hacking her social media accounts and trying to silence her.

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Panezai claims that she has proof of Imran Khan’s involvement in a US conspiracy to topple his government in 2022, which led to his arrest and imprisonment in the cipher case. You all might have heard or read about Cipher case. Although this case is quite funny and bogus. Its crux is as following:-

  • The cipher case is related to a diplomatic document that allegedly went missing when it was in Khan’s possession.
  • Imran Khan had waved the document at a rally, claiming that it showed that the US had pressured Pakistan’s military to orchestrate his fall because he had visited Russia before its invasion of Ukraine.

The book’s controversy

Launch of book has sparked a lot of controversy and criticism in Pakistan, especially among Khan’s supporters and the ruling party. Public consider this as one among many attempts to defame Imran Khan and breake PTI. Imran Khan’s lawyers have denied the allegations and said that they will challenge the book in court. They have also accused Panezai of being a part of a propaganda campaign against Khan and his party. Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan, who has also written a book about her marriage with him, has expressed her support for Panezai and said that she wishes she had read her book in 2014.

Hajra Khan controversial book on Imran Khan - All Details You Need to Know

Panezai has defended her book and said that it is her right to tell her story and expose the truth. She said that she wrote the book in 2014 in London after taking a break from showbiz. She said that she had to face a lot of difficulties and threats because of her book. She said that she had to change the title and some details to avoid legal issues. She said that she is now ready to release the original version of her book, which is more detailed and authentic.

The book’s impact

The book is expected to have a significant impact on the political scenario in Pakistan, especially in the run-up to the general elections in January 2024. Khan, who is currently in jail, is facing over 150 cases, including corruption charges and revealing state secrets. He has been barred from contesting elections for five years and faces a possible death sentence in the cipher case.

The book may also affect the relations between Pakistan and the US, which have been strained since Khan’s ouster. The US has denied any involvement in Khan’s removal and has urged Pakistan to respect the democratic process and the rule of law. The US has also expressed concern over the human rights situation and the freedom of expression in Pakistan.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on Hajra Khan Panezai’s book and the allegations against Imran Khan? Do you think the book is credible and authentic, or is it a part of a smear campaign? Do you think the book will have any effect on the upcoming elections and the future of Pakistan? Share your views and opinions in the comments section below.

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