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Zara Noor Abbas and Danyal Zafar together for the very first time in ‘Stand Up Girl’

Green Entertainment proudly presents ‘Stand Up Girl,’ a drama that unfolds the inspiring journey of a girl breaking societal norms to become a stand-up comedian.
The stage is set to sizzle as for the time ever the multi-talented Danyal Zafar joins forces with the enchanting beauty Zara Noor Abbas, noteworthy for her exceptional roles in blockbuster projects such as ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’ and ‘Khamoshi.

Zara Noor Abbas and Danyal Zafar to feature in ‘Stand Up Girl’

Zara Noor Abbas and Danyal Zafar together for the very first time in ‘Stand Up Girl’

The upcoming serial is artfully scripted by the talented trio of Adeel Afzal, Awais Ahmed, and Bee Gul. At the directorial forefront stands Kashif Nisar, celebrated for his remarkable work in ‘Kabli Pulao,’ promising Green Entertainment yet another compelling drama.

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This compelling narrative unfolds the story of a determined young girl aspiring to become a stand-up comedian, defying societal expectations that attempt to break her dreams. As she battles against the odds, the drama introduces a parallel storyline featuring a young man from a lower-class comedian family, challenging his own blood’s scepticism about his ambitions to become a standup comedian.

Through their pursuit of dreams, the drama emphasises the transformative power of determination and genuine passion in overcoming challenges. Following the tradition of impactful social messages in Green dramas, Stand Up Girl’ doesn’t shy away from a significant social message. It promises a powerful message about pursuing dreams with an unwavering and pure heart.

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