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Dive into 2024 with these 3 Free Games on Steam

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The holiday cheer may be over, but we’re keeping the party going with a fresh batch of free games on Steam. You can claim these free games forever. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or looking for something new to try, these free Steam games offer a variety of experiences to kick-start your 2024 gaming adventure.

3 Free Games on Steam – Forever

Dive into 2024 with these 3 Free Games on Steam


The first on the list of free games on Steam is fast. It is a high-octane racing game where the stakes are life or death. Navigate a dangerous, neon-drenched cityscape, avoid obstacles, scale buildings and outrun rivals in a relentless pursuit of finish line. Think Sonic meets Fall Guys with a dash of parkour! if you crave intense competition and lightning-fast thrills, Faster is your free fix.

Peasant Royale

Dust off your lute and sharpen your pitchfork – it’s time for Peasant Royale! This unique battle royale throws you into heart of a medieval brawl. It is time to face up to 50 players against each other in a chaotic scramble for survival. Master a blend of melee and ranged combat evolving from early skirmishes. Combat evolves with crude thrown weapons to epic clashes with swords, shields and full suits of armor. Peasant Royale redefines the genre with its historical twist and emphasis on strategic brawling – perfect for fans of last-man-standing action with a twist.

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Conquest of Empires 2

History buffs and strategy enthusiasts, rejoice! Conquest of Empires 2 lets you take the reins of an ancient civilization. Guiding your chosen empire (China, Rome, Egypt or Persia) through the ages. Build bustling cities, recruit mighty heroes and soldiers, and wage war against rivals in this deep and engaging simulation. Conquest of Empires 2 is more than just brick-and-mortar – it’s about mastering intricate tactics, wielding diverse unit types, and overcoming challenges to carve your place in history.

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Ready to claim your free games? Simply click on download link to head over to Steam store. Click “Install” and prepare to dive into worlds of thrilling speed, medieval mayhem and ancient empires – all without spending a dime!


  • Q: Are these games free forever?
  • A: Yes, once you claim these games, they’re yours to keep and play forever!
  • Q: Do I need a Steam account to play these games?
  • A: Yes, you’ll need a free Steam account to download and play these games.
  • Q: Can I play these games on Mac or Linux?
  • A: Unfortunately, these games are currently only available for Windows PCs.
  • Q: Will there be more free games on Steam in 2024?
  • A: Absolutely! Keep an eye on the Steam store and gaming news websites for exciting new freebies throughout the year.

We hope you enjoy these free Steam games! Let us know in the comments what you think and share your favorite free-to-play titles on the platform. Happy gaming!

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