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How to Unsend and Edit Messages on iPhone Like a Pro

We’ve all been there: sending a text with a typo, accidentally hitting send before finishing your thought, or realizing you messaged the wrong person. Thankfully, iMessage on your iPhone has your back with two handy features: Undo Send and Edit Message can rescue you to Unsend and Edit Messages easily.

Unsend and Edit Messages on the iPhone

Unsend and Edit Messages on iPhone

Undo Send

This lets you completely erase a message within two minutes of sending it. Just press on the message bubble, then tap Undo Send. The message will disappear from both your and the recipient’s chat history as if it was never sent!

Edit Message

Did you make a typo or want to rephrase something? You can edit a message up to 15 minutes after sending it. Long press on the bubble, tap Edit, make your changes, and tap Done. The recipient will see the updated message, along with a small note below indicating it was edited.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Undo Send: Disappears the message entirely within 2 minutes (for both you and the recipient).
  • Edit Message: Changes the message content, but the recipient sees the edit history for up to 15 minutes.

Some important things to remember:

  • iMessage only: These features only work for iMessage conversations (blue bubbles). Regular SMS texts (green bubbles) can’t be edited or unsent.
  • Timing is key: Act fast! You only have a limited window to use Undo Send and Edit Message.
  • Recipients might see: If they’re quick, the recipient might see the original message before you unsend or edit it.
  • Edit responsibly: Don’t use these features to change the meaning of your messages or say things you wouldn’t want someone to see.


  • Can I unsend a message after 2 minutes? No, unfortunately, once the 2-minute window is up, you can’t unsend the message.
  • Can I edit a message after 15 minutes? No, you can only edit a message within the first 15 minutes of sending it.
  • What happens if the recipient doesn’t have iMessage? If you try to unsend or edit a message to someone who doesn’t have iMessage, they will still receive the original message.

With these tips in mind, you can use the Undo Send and Edit Message features on your iPhone to confidently navigate those text message mishaps. No more embarrassing typos or accidental sends!

Do you have any other questions about using iMessage on your iPhone? Share them in the comments below!

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