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Unmasking Election Fraud: PTI creates GitHub page for Rigging Proofs (Form 45)

With Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) official websites facing persistent blockages, the party’s social media team has devised a clever workaround. PTI social media team has created a GitHub page hosting crucial Form 45 evidence. This move sheds light on the ongoing battle against election rigging by Army in the recently concluded 2024 general elections.

PTI creates GitHub page for Rigging Proofs (Form 45)

Unmasking Election Fraud: PTI creates GitHub page for Rigging Proofs (Form 45)

Website Woes and the GitHub Workaround

Prior to the elections, accessing PTI’s official website proved challenging due to frequent blocking. Undeterred by such methods, the party’s tech-savvy team created a GitHub version as an alternative platform. This platform served as a valuable resource for voters for allowing them to easily locate their designated PTI candidate by entering their constituency number.

Rigging Claims and the Power of Form 45

Following the elections, PTI raised concerns about electoral manipulation which caused delays in final result publication. To substantiate these claims, the party is now actively sharing Form 45 evidence through their GitHub page. Form 45 is the official document detailing voting results at each polling station. This transparency initiative empowers voters to scrutinize the results and form their own conclusions.

Accessing the Evidence

While some of PTI’s websites ( and remain blocked within Pakistan, accessing the GitHub page and Form 45 evidence is possible through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Additionally, PTI’s Facebook page and including Imran Khan’s official account, continues to operate normally. Both accounts offering another avenue to access Form 45 details by simply messaging your constituency number.

Understanding Form 45

For those unfamiliar with Form 45 which is also known as the “Result of the Count”, holds vital information about each polling station. It includes details like the station number, constituency name, total registered voters, votes cast, and a breakdown of votes received by each candidate. This document serves as a cornerstone of electoral transparency and verification.

The Fight for Transparency Continues

PTI’s utilization of GitHub for hosting Form 45 evidence highlights their commitment to transparency and addressing concerns about electoral irregularities. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how these efforts will impact the ongoing discourse surrounding the 2024 general elections in Pakistan.

What are your thoughts on PTI’s approach to sharing Form 45 evidence? Do you believe this is an effective way to address concerns about election rigging?

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