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Watch Aangan Episode 1 – A Magnificent Start Worth All the Hype

Watch Aangan Episode 1 - A Magnificent Start Worth All the Hype

Finally, the most awaited drama of the year has kicked off with magnificent start last night. It was trending at #4 on Twitter after its first episode aired and people are absolutely loving it!
Watch Aangan Episode 1 - A Magnificent Start Worth All the Hype
The episode begins with a long shot of a huge Haweli where lives the strong-willed Malkin of the house, played by the talented Zaib Rehman.
Malkin doesn’t have a healthy relationship with her husband, Mian Jee (Abid Ali), due to his relationship with two concubines, Akhtari and Firdous. Since this is a period drama set in the 1940s, having a relationship with someone without marriage other than the spouse, was unacceptable back then.

Though Malkin takes care of the family farms and business, she makes sure that the earned income is divided among her children, Mian Jee and also, his two concubines. She also sends a particular amount of grains to the children of Firdous and Akhtari.
Munshee Jee keeps details about the income and is more like a family member. Ahsan Khan as Subhan gets introduced in the story, as Munshee Jee’s helper who is also the childhood lover of Malkin’s daughter, Salma played by Sonya Hussyn.

Salma is crazily in love with Subhan since she was just a child and they both talk about their childhood memories. Belonging to a lower class family, Subhan is a bit hesitant when it comes to expressing his feelings for Salma.
We might have caught a glimpse of Salma and Subhan’s loves story but it was even more mesmerizing to watch Ahsan Khan and Sonya Hussyn share the screen together for a major part of the episode.

Both Ahsan Khan and Sonya Hussyn impeccably played their characters and we couldn’t afford to blink our eyes for a moment when they both appeared on the screens together.
Malkin’s eldest son Azhar is the member of Congress and mostly stay busy at work whereas, the younger ones, Mazhar and Zafar, are employed in the city. She adores her younger daughter-in-law (Madiha Rizvi) more than the eldest one because of her family background and is training her to become her successor.

Things take a turns when Malkin catches Subhan and Salma expressing their love for each other and she gets really offended. She orders Munshee Jee to throw Subhan and his family out the house while beat her daughter with a cord.
Zaib Rehman’s performance is worth all the appreciation. She did well to portray her character as the empowered woman of that era while she makes sure to run her household with the same traditional values regardless of the relationship with her husband.

Living in a huge haweli with three sons, two daughters-in-law and two daughters, Malkin still feels the absence of her fourth and the youngest son, Jameel (Ahad Raza Mir). She is a rough and tough lady in front of the whole world but cries helplessly in her room for him, who took off to Turkey with the Tehreek.
Episode 1 of Aangan

Episode 1 of Aangan was definitely worth the hype but only some of the characters were introduced. We can’t wait to catch up with this story that had us craving for almost a year!
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