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Yasra Rizvi Scheduled to Release Senti Aur Mental Film in 2019 | Check Cast and More Details

Yasra Rizvi Scheduled to Release Senti Aur Mental Film in 2019…!!!

Pakistan is under developing country which is working hard on all fields of life. It is also working in entertainment industry with its talented actors and actresses. Many projects have been completed and many are under progress. A new project named Senti Aur Mental is also under process. It is a Pakistani film that would be release in early months of 2019. Yasra Rizvi is the actor and director of theatre and TV, she announced that she is working on a film that is Senti Aur Mental. She and many others are performing their roles in this film. Half film has been shot and scheduled to release in next year. Senti Aur Mental is a wedding story that is related to a family. Not much info are disclosed about this film. The unveiled info about Pakistani film Senti Aur Mental are mentioned below.

Pakistani Film Senti Aur Mental

Yasra Rizvi is the Theatre and TV actor-director Yasra Rizvi announced that she is making a film called Senti Aur Mental. Now this film is scheduled to release in early months of 2019. In this film Yasra and Yasir Hussain will perform titular roles. Half of the film has been shot and she is now busy with the editing and first look of the film.
Senti Aur Mental Film

Story of Senti Aur Mental:

Senti Aur Mental is a wedding story at all, it is about a family that comes together for a wedding. This film is set at a farm house in Karachi and every single character moves the story forward. Senti’s role is related to Yasra in the film while Zain Afzal is performing the opposite role as Mental. Faryal Mehmood is playing the role of Yasra’s sister, Beo Zafar will be seen as their mother and Irfan Khoosat plays the character of their father in the film.

Cast of Senti Aur Mental

The cast names that are revealed yet are as follows:

  • Yasra Rizvi
  • Zain Afzal
  • Jinaan Hussain
  • Syed Arez
  • Faisal Imtiaz
  • Beo Zafar
  • Faryal Mehmood
  • Irfan Khoosat

Senti Aur Mental
Only these details are disclosed yet but we are waiting for more details about story and cast. The Pakistani film of Yasra Rizvi is scheduled to release in 2019. It would be release in the starting months of 2019. So, wait a little more and enjoy a film with your family.

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