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Turhan James Electrifies The Crowd With His Performance At The Solis Festival

Turhan James

The Solis Music Festival was held in Islamabad over the weekend and it was a lit event with people from around the capital streaming in to enjoy some quality music that hasn’t ever been experienced before. Exploring new and modern music options, Solis was one of its kind events with music sensations from around the world in attendance. It was also for the first time that our own music sensation Turhan James performed at the local festival.

James was an EDM DJ for the night and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that his beats electrified the crowd. With Pakistan being the country that is relatively new to such music experiences. James was completely a breath of fresh air and an exciting surprise for the attendees. Though he got his training from Canada and has performed in an international music festival, ELE, it was for the very first time he performed in the country. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was definitely a prestige and a proof of his talent to perform alongside Spanish electronic music sensation Danny Avilla among others.

Turhan James is the son of Frieha Altaf, who set the trailblazing standards for his son to follow the footsteps over. Just as Frieha Altaf is the pioneer of the red-carpet culture, James has started EDM DJying in Pakistan and has given an identity to it as well.

James’s most popular song, ‘LA’ featuring the vocalist Kelsey Hayes, was a huge milestone for him. It hit 1,000,000 streams in just over six months with 735,500 fans and 65 countries on Spotify and was quickly placed in multiple Spotify curated playlists, including, ‘New Music Friday Cratediggers’, ‘Fresh Electronic’ and ‘Chill Tracks’. Other than his performance in Solis this year, James will also be performing at MBDP.

Turhan James got his shot to establish EDM DJying in Pakistan, and with the likes of the local crowd swooning over what he had to offer, we are sure he has set a precedent. For everyone around is raving all about this new performance in town.

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