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Mawra Hocane Schools Haters For Starting Rivalry With Sajal Aly!

mawra and sajal in aangan

Mawra Hocane and Sajal Aly are currently sharing the screen for the first time in a super-hit period drama ‘Aangan’ and people are absolutely in love with their unique avatars.

Recently, Mawra Hocane appeared in an interview with ‘Something Haute’ where she talked about her character in the drama and said that she was first offered a different role in the drama.

She said:

Aangan was offered to me when the director Ehtesham was doing Udaari. I had heard great things about him and always wanted to work with him. However, I was offered a different role at that time. I was never ‘Aaliya’ for Aangan.

Ever since she said that, an online publication predicted that Mawra Hocane was talking about the character of ‘Chammi’ which is now being played by Sajal Aly.

Their prediction created an uproar on social media and people couldn’t stop talking about it.

However, Pakistani beauty queen Mawra Hocane recently stepped forward to clear the air of rumors and declared their statement all wrong.

She commented on their post:

I never said any of this. Stop pitting actresses against each other. It’s unfair & such news garner so much hate for all of us!

mawra and sajal in aangan

However, the publication responded: 

You either don’t talk about such things or the media will report,” before questioning who the actress could have been talking about other than Chammi.

mawra and sajal in aangan



Mawra Hocane is one of the actresses who always raise her voice against something is completely wrong and this time she stood up when the internet tried to create a rivalry between her and Sajal Aly.

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