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Shaz Khan Goes International With Upcoming Indie Flick

Shaz Khan

With a number of blockbuster movies in his bucket, the handsome hunk Shaz Khan is now geared up to appear in a Hollywood indie movie titled ‘The Martial Artist’.

Taking to his Instagram account, the actor revealed his look from the flick and said that he is going to play an MMA fighter.

He wrote:

A glimpse into the training I have been doing to prepare for my upcoming role as an MMA fighter in the feature film The Martial Artist.

Here’s his post!

We need to say, this is going to be yet another big achievement for Shaz Khan and we couldn’t be any prouder of him!

While exclusively talking to DailyInfoTech, the actor revealed the plot of the flick and said:

The movie resolves around two brothers one of whom is an MMA fighter. Amidst an Islamophobic environment, the brothers grow up fighting odds with elder brother being the trainer and the younger one played by Shaz Khan his protégé. How does a trip to his motherland save the younger brother is what makes the plot interesting.

Although not much details have been revealed about the movie, we are already excited about it.

What are your thoughts about the story? Let us know in the comments section below.

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