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Hania Aamir Takes A Hilarious Dig At Danyal Zafar’s Accent

hania aamir danyal zafar

The Janaan actress Hania Aamir is one of the few actresses who have won millions of hearts within a short period of time.

The starlet never fails to make heads turn with her amazing fashion sense and flawless acting skills.

Moreover, she is also known for speaking her mind out without any fear and her fans absolutely love her for that. Recently, Hania Aamir had a fun interview with her friend Ukhano where she shared some little secrets of her life.

She also opened up about her love life and how it helped to make her personality strong.

In a fun segment, Hania Aamir also took a hilarious dig at her friend Danyal Zafar.

Yes, you read it right!

The host of the interview asked Hania Aamir that what she would do if one day she wakes up as Danyal Zafar to which she replied:

I will lose the accent!

Watch the video below!

There was a time when Danyal Zafar and Hania Aamir seemed to be inseparable and were each other’s support systems.

Well, now we just cannot wait to say them together.

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