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Azfar Rehman Called HUM TV’s Ramadan Transmission ‘Pretentious’

azfar rehman

Syeda Bushra Aamir and Ahsan Khan are currently grabbing all the eyeballs because of their amazing special Ramadan transmission.

Because of their dynamic hosting skills, they managed to hook everyone to their seats till the end. Moreover, the guests that grace the transmission make it all the more worthy to watch!

Last week, the Aatish actor Azfar Rehman made an appearance in the show and it turned out to be an amazing one.

Fans fell in love with his graceful personality and they just cannot stop gushing over him.

He also released a video before the show where he can be seen praising Bushra Aamir and Ahsan Khan for their hosting skills.

He said:

I am at HUM TV’s Ramadan show that you can also see on PTV. It is a beautiful show and Ahsan is hosting it. I am having a great time and you really need to watch the show.

Here’s the video.

Surprisingly, the actor posted his picture on his Instagram account and called the show an overly pretentious one. He also used a hashtag #ThingsIdoforMoney which started a whole new debate on social media.

He captioned it:

My usual expression at an overly pretentious ramzan show …. #ThingsIdoforMoney #Urrgh


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