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Lux Style Awards 2019: Meesha Shafi’s Brother Faris Shafi Withdraws his Nomination

Lux Style Awards 2019

The famous Lahore-based actor, rapper, and songwriter Faris Shafi recently took to Twitter to request that his song be removed from Lux Style Awards 2019 nominations.

It is to be noted that Faris is Meesha Shafi’s bother and has withdrawn his award in light of the ongoing LSA 2019 controversy, involving the Meesha-Ali Zafar harassment case.

Other celebrities including Meesha Shafi, Eman Suleman, The Sketches, Generation, Saima Bargfrede, Fatima Nasir, and Jami also announced their rejections of LSA 2019 earlier.

Jami even went so far as to throw his awards on the street.

Shafi’s track, ‘Clap’ was nominated by Lux Style Awards 2019 for Best Song.

Faris Shafi and Talal Qureshi were both part of it, so Shafi also rejected the nomination on behalf of Talal.

Here’s what Faris stated:

“Talal Qureshi and I are neither attending, nor endorsing the awards.” 

Requesting that the following track, which has been nominated for ‘best song’ at the @LuxStyleAwards be removed from the list of nominees. @talalqureshi and I are neither attending, nor endorsing the awards. Thank you and good night 🙏🏼

— Faris Shafi (@officialfaris) May 7, 2019

You can watch their song, Clap here:

Last year, Ali Zafar faced backlash after he was accused of undermining Faris Shafi’s song on Patari.

In an interview to The Express Tribune earlier, Shafi had said that he wrote about all the things Pakistan is being forced to go through every day.

It seems that he is acting upon the same by withdrawing from LSA 2019 nominations and refusing to share the stage with an alleged harasser.

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