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Google Maps App Updated With A New Feature

Now Google Maps Will Alert You If Your Taxi Goes Off-Route

Google Maps keeps on introducing new features to engage its users. Together with that, the company continuously strives to make the app more user-friendly and convenient. The app supports a large number of features including Check Parking Availability,  searching for driving directions, providing relevant information about affected areas and emergency contact information and so on. Recently, we have come to know that now the Google Maps App will keep you safe by alerting if your taxi goes off-route.

Google Maps App Updated With A New Feature

Google Maps have recently got a new update. The new update has brought a feature that will send you alerts whenever your Taxi or Auto will divert by 500m. It’s a very good safety feature. After getting this update, a new important change will occur that will be a banner on the best that says:

“You’ll be alerted if your driver diverts by 500 meters (0.31 miles).”

Google Maps App Updated With A New Feature

It will let you know if the car goes off-course so you can double-check the current drive. In this way, it will turn out to be a good safety measure. Those people who are new to a place and don’t have enough information regarding the addresses can use this feature to help them reach their exact destination. No one will be able to dodge them if they use Google Maps latest version.

The new feature has started rolling out to the Indian Users right now. It is expected to make its way to all the users in the near future. Let’s see what new Google offers to its Map users in the upcoming updates.

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