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WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android and iOS

Here is How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android and iOS

The dark mode is in fashion, and every app is incorporating it. Well, Facebook had added dark mode long ago, but its sister company was striving to bring it for some time. Well, we have not got any tentative date of its launch, but we have good news for those who can’t give more strain to their eyes. You can enable WhatsApp dark mode on Android and iOS as well.

WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android and iOS

Below mentioned is the procedure to get Dark mode on WhatsApp for Android and iOS

WhatsApp dark mode for Android:

For getting dark mode on WhatsApp, your phone should be running on the Android Q and you much have a smartphone which supports Android Q beta.

First Step:

  •  Install Android Q
  • When done, go to your phone settings
  • Tap on display and then click on the theme
  • Tap on Dark Step 2

Second Step:

Selected dark mode, now,

  •  Go back to settings
  • Click on About phone
  • Tap on build number for seven times to activate developer mode

Third Step:

  •  Now click on Developer option
  • Tap override force dark. It will enable dark mode on all the app, including WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Dark mode on iOS:

For having Dark mode on Apple devices, you must have a device running on iOS 11 or latest version.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Click on Accessibility
  • Go to Display Accommodations
  • Tap on Invert colours
  • Finally, click on smart invert
WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android and iOS
Picture credit: DH Photo/ Rohit KVN

That all. Upon selecting it, the overall background will be dark but the icons and emojis will remain colourful.

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