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Now Send msgs from Lock Screen | Google assistant New Feature to Launch Soon

Google Assistant New Feature Sends Texts from Lock Screen

Google Assistant keeps on getting new features for the facilitation of people. No doubt, it had become an integral part of our lives and even our smalls kids know how to waker him up and instruct him to play something on parent’s mobile. Just in few months Google Assistant has grown up and has learnt many new tasks including turning the AC on, making your kids sleep with bedtime stories, and it even has learnt to wake you up with Philips hue light. The list goes on, and now Google assistant new feature will soon be able to send texts to tour friends from the lock screen.

Google Assistant New Feature to Launch Soon

Currently, if your phone is in lock mode and you ask the assistant to send any text via messages or any other platform, it asks you to unlock the screen. Google is testing this feature right now via the rollout of app beta, so some of the Android users are lucky to get this feature first.

So many would-be thinking how this feature works? So if your phone screen is locked all you need to say is “Ok Google.” In this way, Google will wake up. Now ask him to send any text to your recipient.

Allowing users to sent text via lock screen will save a lot of time. Moreover, this is the best feature for people who wanted to text someone while driving but had to open the mobile, Right now the feature is in the testing phase and it is not known when it will roll out for everyone.

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