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Aiman Khan Angry Over Her Daughter Leaked Pictures

Aiman Khan Angry Over Her Daughter Leaked Pictures

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s daughter Amal’s pictures went viral today and while most of the social media pages posted these pictures because fans had been waiting to see the baby, once again Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are not happy about the pictures which according to them have been leaked.

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Minal Khan has been requesting fan pages to delete the pictures and Aiman Khan has also blocked a social media page which she thinks leaked the pictures. This isn’t the first time that Aiman Khan’s “private” pictures got leaked. When Aiman’s baby shower was in progress, Aiman and Minal had similar issues with the fan and social media pages.

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Although Aiman Khan and family enjoyed all the attention they got on social media when they got married but ever since Aiman Khan got pregnant, she has been very calculative about what she wants people to know.


Aiman Khan did not reveal that she was pregnant and later on even when the baby shower happened, she never wanted to share pictures with her fans because according to them this was only a family affair in which close friends were invited. The photographer covering the event posted highlights of the baby shower on her Instagaram page and even few of the guests present posted pictures. In fact Minal Khan too posted some pictures in her insta story but somehow later on Aiman Khan shared that she wanted people to respect her privacy.

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After tie baby was born, Aiman Khan shared one picture of Amal with her and Muneeb Butt shared one with him but in both these pictures, the face of the baby was not shown. In these latest pictures, the baby can be seen clearly and these pictures clearly show that they were taken by a family member or a close friend. If that is the case then howcome they were ‘leaked’?

Aiman Khan is not the first celebrity who became a mother while she was enjoying great fan following. Celebrities like Ayeza Khan, Sanam Jung, Fatima Effendi and Nida Yasir gave birth when they were at the peak of their careers but they handled these situations much more gracefully. No one even knew Ayeza Khan was expecting because she wanted her pregnancy to be a secret. Ayeza and Danish showed the pictures of their babies when they wanted to. Same was the case with every other celebrity, none of the baby pictures were ever leaked yet with Aiman Khan this seems to be happening over and over again!


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Instead of telling people to stop invading their privacy, Aiman Khan and Minal Khan need to tell people around them to keep the pictures they take private! People and pages only share pictures because they are available on social media.

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