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Check Famous Pakistani Celebrities Beauty Secrets | Video

Pakistani showbiz industry has many beautiful female celebrities who refuse to age. The viewers have been watching some of these celebrities on their television screens for decades yet they always look young and fresh. Most of the people would think that it is because of expensive make-up products or costly skin care rituals that these celebrities look so great. While, they must surely use expensive products from keeping their skin and hair from losing their vitality due to constant exposure to chemicals, some of these top models and actors shared interesting all natural skin care secrets in a recent talk show.

Sunita MarshalZarnish Khan is a gorgeous actress who has lost a lot of weight in the past few months. Everyone wants to know what her secret is. Zarnish did not share all the details but she shared one tip which most celebrities swear by. Drinking lukewarm honey water with either lemon or apple cider is the favorite early morning drink of all the celebrities. Zarnish Khan shared that this drink will help speed up metabolism and also reduce fat.


Nida Yasir showSarwat Gillani shared a tip which was not beauty related but it was like one of those totkas which really help in times of injury. Sarwat shared that whenever a mosquito bites rubbing some salt on the bite can help reduce the itching and won’t cause inflammation of any kind. She also said that if someone bites their tongue by mistake or if a child injures his lips then applying sugar to the injured area or even eating sugar can reduce bleeding.

Zarnish KhanSunita Marshal told the easiest way to use Alum (phitkari) as a natural deodorant. Apart from that she also shared tips for having healthy and shiny hair.

SarwatThe reactions by some of the other celebrities present on the show suggested that they agreed with all the natural skin care rituals which other stars shared on the show.

Watch the video to find out more details.


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