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Mohsin Abbasi Alleged Girlfriend Warns Fatema Sohail

mohsin abbas haider girlfriend

Last month, the wife of Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, Fatema Sohail, startled the whole country when she posted about allegedly suffering from domestic abuse at the hands of her husband.

She took to her social media accounts and revealed that she caught her husband cheating with TV actress Nazish Jahangir and when she confronted him, he started beating her.


However, now it seems like the situation is only getting uglier and is showing no signs to settle down anytime soon.

Earlier this morning, Nazish Jahangir took to her Instagram stories and posted a conversation in which she is claiming that Fatema Sohail is abusing her followers.

She wrote that Fatema Sohail is bashing and abusing her followers considering them all her fake accounts.

She wrote:

So basically I am constantly receiving these kind messages from fake accounts but this is her own account and thought every fake account is mine and she start abusing to that.

She further warned her and wrote:

Fatima Sohail kindly try to stay away from me. Have your own publicity and stay blessed but next time be careful with your words. If you use these words again I will report this to cybercrime.

Have a look at her posts!


nazish jahangir

nazish jahangir

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