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10 ➕ Pakistani Starlets Who Look Fresh Even In Their Nightwear

10 ➕ Pakistani Starlets Who Look Fresh Even In Their Nightwear

How many of you change into your pj’s the moment you enter your home? Well, we’re guessing most. Although, do you want to know what’s the hottest thing to post on Instagram is? Admit it: You’ve gone to the grocery store and the salon in your PJs because they’re the comfiest outfit ever.

Well, just look at how every celebrity seems to be posting their pictures in jammies and look absolutely adorable! Let us show you our picks on cutest 11 Pakistani starlets in their PJs looking swell!

1. Hira Tareen

Tareen looks uber chic in this very cute nightwear and we’re totally loving this fashionista!

2. Ayesha Omer

Omer looking absolutely stunning as ever and us, on the other hand, look like a potato in PJs.

3. Sonya Hussain

Another starlet who looks adorable in this nightwear with her sister is Sonya Hussain.

4. Urwa Hocane

Urwa looks so effortlessly perfect in this shot and we’re a little surprised at how pretty she is. That’s what you call natural beauty!

5. Mawra Hocane

How cute does Mawra look in these yellow jammies? It’s the genes. Yes, the Hocane sisters are dainty and we’ve learned that by now. Keep up the good fashion-ing Mawra!

6. Zhalay Sarhadi

Sarhadi looks flawless in this adorable pink jammies and a no make-up look!


7. Syra Shehroze

How adorable is this mother-daughter duo? With these white sliders and flamingo nightwear, Nooreh and Syra are totally cute!

8. Sajal Aly

With matching sleep mask and nigh suit, Sajal Aly is giving us major nightwear goals. Also, check out the adorable pink flamingo at the back!

9. Maya Ali

Maya Ali looks gorgeous (as always), but also very comfy. We’re actually more at ease looking at celebrities who look comfortable rather than walking in those high heels.

10. Hania Amir

Amir is an epitome of cuteness and she’s rocking the maroon butterfly pajama set!

11. Kubra Khan

Looking fresh as a daisy – Kubra Khan is seriously looking stunning in this pink PJs and zero makeup.

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