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Melania Trump Wears Pakistani Colors In India

Melania Trump Wears Pakistani Colors In India

Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump has landed in India. The world is keeping an eye on the visit of the First Family of America, the world is noticing each and every minute details from handshake to outfits.


Melania Trump is famous for making a statement with her unique dress sense. On her visit to India, she wore green and white and we know what these colors represent.


She chose to wear a green and white jumpsuit with a banarsi green colored sash.


Melania’s suit was designed by Atelier Caito For Herve Pierre. The green sash is apparently cut out of an ancient Indian textile with gold thread work.


People on Twitter pointed out that she is trolling India by wearing Paksitani colors.

Look what people have to say:

Second Surgical Strike. 
First One by Melania Trump wrapped in white and Green Pakistani Flag  Colors. 

— The Skywalker CSO  (@PromoterBoxing) February 24, 2020

Melania Trump ‘Trolls’ India By Wearing Pakistani Colors#TrumpIndiaVisit

— Bleed Green (@bleedgreenarmy) February 25, 2020

Melania Trump wearing Pakistani Flag colors coupled with Donald Trump appreciating Pakistan’s efforts towards peace, fight terrorism and expression of genuine respect for PM Imran Khan, has resulted heads turn, mediation offer wont produce anything different from previous offers.

— Mehmood Farrukh – A Different Lens (@mehmoodfarrukh1) February 25, 2020

Melania wears Pakistan colours as she lands in India!!藍

— Haroun Rashid (@HarounRashid2) February 24, 2020

Wild observation !

— DT (@DTHAPAR) February 25, 2020

Melania said Pakistan Zindabad when Modi tried to hug her 

— NYistan (@Nyistan) February 24, 2020


Surgical strike 

— Gol-mint of Pak Twittēr (@Majin_o_Ali) February 24, 2020

She made quite a statement with her clothes. The First ladies outfits are highly important especially during foreign visits. It is also a platform for world leaders to exercise soft diplomacy.


The designer of Melania Trump came forward and gave an explanation and said, “Arriving in India, the First Lady #flotus is wearing a white jumpsuit from @atelier_caito_for_herve_pierre in crème crêpe . The sash was cut in an early XX century Indian textile documents I found in Paris through very good friends who are collectors. @herve_pierre_creative_director . The sash is made out of green silk and gold metallic thread . We used the border which was the most Interesting piece we could use as it was a vintage piece.


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