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People Can’t Stop Mocking Momina Mustehsan’s Blonde Hair

The Pakistan Internation Screen Awards (PISA) was attended by many celebrities. The famous singer Momina Mustehsan channels her inner Belle (from Beauty and the beast) in a yellow ball gown on the red carpet at PISA 2020.

Momina Mustehsan’s look became the talk of the town. She dyed her red hair to complete blonde hair and with her new hair, she opted for an off-shoulder mustard gown. She matched the color of her hair with her dress and made a bold statement on the red carpet.

The internet has been posting mean and insulting things for Momina Mustehsan on her bold look. Many people on social media made fun of her overall look and compared her to different foods such as haldi, corn, and egg yolks.

Check out what people have to say on Momina Mustehsan’s look:

No #MominaMustehsan, you’re not looking good with your overdone bust, lipjob, nose job and blonde hair. https://t.co/pBQtNISsyN

— ❄️ High Priestess ❄️ (@Raaheeba) February 9, 2020

Thanks for telling, I thought it was an egg yolk. https://t.co/8oGSDlKz20

— (@ChupShaa) February 8, 2020

Close Enough 😂🤣 #PISA2020 pic.twitter.com/6u64chabHz

— Qaisar Kamran Siddiqui (@QaisarCamran) February 8, 2020

Haldi Haldi Blonde 😂😂😂#MominaMustehsan 🧡 pic.twitter.com/Ou0B1PT5Sf

— Sidra Malik (@Sidramalik99) February 9, 2020

thank you for representing me https://t.co/5lO0IhBrrp

— haldi🌈 (@Zee_e_) February 8, 2020

When You Buy Momina from https://t.co/EV94LVZbjZ!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂#pisaawards2020 #MominaMustehsan #PISA2020 pic.twitter.com/L9gLqAYqYQ

— Syed Armaghan Abbas Naqvi (@ArmaghanNaqvi) February 8, 2020

Emma Watson vs zara sasty mein Emma Watson pic.twitter.com/Fh9sgIuDyI

— Marceline (@go_marcee) February 9, 2020

Close Enough ..#pisaawards2020 #MominaMustehsan pic.twitter.com/Z6DdiDqGTK

— Garam Pepsii (@ThandiiBiryaani) February 8, 2020

No one

Jaundice : https://t.co/6MsBDJXDeT

— Usama MaYo💫 (@BDchaurasian) February 9, 2020

U ruined urself just like “ko ko korena” 😣🙄 https://t.co/n27XI1lF02

— Elمirah خhan (@elmir_khan) February 9, 2020

Momina Custard https://t.co/FMIHpQp7JB

— AYESHA!! (@ayeshaabbas_) February 8, 2020

@MominaMustehsan dear WTF

Chnage your stylist please, I respect your freedom of choice but its my honest mashwara k you are not looking good pic.twitter.com/r5TNxvs9cU

— raheel malik (@raheelm05) February 9, 2020

“Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet?” ~ Malcolm X https://t.co/ILJtS40k9X

— Aima Khosa (@aimaMK) February 9, 2020

While many people criticized her but among all this, she also received massive support. Some people slammed those who bullied Momina Mustehsan while others defended her saying that it is her choice to wear what she likes.

What’s your take on Momina Mustehsan’s look? Yay or nay?

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