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Khalil ur Rehman Qamar under Huge Criticism For Misogynist Remarks

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar under Huge Criticism For Misogynist Remarks

It is a well known fact that writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has a problem with women. According to him, he calls out the ‘bad’ women in the society and is often heard making misogynist remarks. This time the veteran writer has invited immense wrath from Pakistanis and celebrities after blatantly abusing one of his fellow panelists in a live television show.

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar made the most derogatory statements towards the woman guest analyst Marvi Sarmid who also happens to be a well-known feminist, activist and analyst.

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar under Huge Criticism For Misogynist Remarks

Video of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar

 Here’s how the celebrities have been reacting to it;

I am shocked at what I have just heard and seen!! Sick to the core. This same man who abused a woman on tv is revered and given project after project because of what? We are as much to blame if not more for perpetuating this thinking! #khalilurrehmanqamar

— Mahira Khan (@TheMahiraKhan) March 4, 2020

I hv not seen such a JAAHIL insan like #khalilurrehmanqamar who the hell he think he is ? News channel invite him, so that he ends up uttering some nonsense and they can fetch some TRPs ! shame on tv channels & Khalil ! Disgraceful

— Nabeel Qureshi (@nabeelqureshi) March 3, 2020

Writing is an extremely respectable job and #khalilurrehmanqamar is totally unfit for it .
He doesn’t even deserve to hold the pen let alone writing!!

— Fizza Ali Meerza (@fizza999) March 4, 2020

National TV and speaking on air has to have Decorum. Respectful boundaries. One cannot hurl abuses and body shame anyone – man or woman. Shocked and speechless. Authorities need to take notice as to how this was allowed. #khalilurrehmanqamar #MarviSirmid

— Ayesha Omar (@ayesha_m_omar) March 4, 2020

I wish #khalilurrehmanqamar would feel as strongly about ending child abuse, child marriages, child murder as he does about sharing his opinion of Marvi Sirmids body & his desire to spit on women. Sadly celebrities needed desperately, 2 use their voices 2 protect our children.

— Nadia Jamil (@NJLahori) March 4, 2020

Good Morning Pakistan… #QuoteOfTheDay #khalilurrehmanqamar

— SYEDA TUBA AAMIR (@TubaAtweets) March 4, 2020

دو ٹکے کی عورت سے لے کر
الو کی پٹھی تک کا گھٹیا سفر
بہت جلد طے کرلیا
خلیل الرحمن قمر!

مقبولیت ہضم کرنا اعلی ظرفوں کا شیوہ ہے، کم ظرف کانہیں
خالی برتن سوائے بجنے اور بجانے کے کسی کام نہیں آتا
پانی چڑھا کر ہانڈی پکاتے رہو
صرف اُبال آئے گا
غذامیسر نہیں ہوگی!#khalilurrehmanqamar

— Aamir Liaquat Husain (@AamirLiaquat) March 4, 2020







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