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“Once Upon A Time in Karachi” Starer Mohsin Abbas Can Be A Game Changer

"Once Upon A Time in Karachi" Starer Mohsin Abbas Can Be A Game Changer

Making films on a variety of topics in the traditional film industry in Pakistan has proved to be an oxygen source for this diminishing industry. Although Glamours  and sexy films have been popping up everywhere, but now there is truly diversity that is rooted in the cinema with the family, not alone. One of the newest films is “Once Upon A Time In Karachi”, the film’s director Ali Sajjad Shah (Abu Aliha) has previously made 2 films “Katkasha” and “Tevor” (’’کتکشا ‘‘ اور ’’تیور‘‘ ) which were liked.

According to film industry, this is Pakistan’s first commercial action comedy film made at a mere Rs. 100 million despite being made on an Alexa camera. Major financiers and producers of the industry awaiting the release of film as general cost of commercial film ranges from Rs 3-5 crore, and if this film gets success it will be a game changer.

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"Once Upon A Time in Karachi" Starer Mohsin Abbas Can Be A Game Changer

This is Actor Mohsen Abbas Haider big comeback after dealing with issues in the private life. The actor told Samaa Digital that we have a segment in almost all the fields, which is being worn out by all, I am representing all these segments by playing the role of an anonymous person, the role of “unknown people” and “baji”. ‘Nasir is a very composed and serious boy who is taking over his married life while fighting for survival. The film will also feature romance, comedy, and performative music as well as serious action.

"Once Upon A Time in Karachi" Starer Mohsin Abbas Can Be A Game Changer

Asked about the age difference between Nashin Shah and Mohsen, who played the role of heroin, Actor said that our pair was quite disappointed in the drama serial “Wall Night”, I think Noshin was chosen according to that. But there is another reason, after watching the film, you will find the answer.

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Speaking to SAMAA Digital, the director said that the film made on the most sensitive subject has to be described in a bold way rather than going too deep. The film attempts to give a true depiction of the problems facing this city and the common man. Every lower and middle class person will watch the film as it is not Nasir and Shabana but their own story. In the film, the husband’s affection for the wife will be shown to the extent that he can go. We have an idea to make an art film so that we can sleep while watching and make commercials so that there is no surplus, but in the name of entertainment fill in the gaps.

"Once Upon A Time in Karachi" Starer Mohsin Abbas Can Be A Game Changer

Appreciating the cast of the film, he said that Mohsin Abbas has killed a lot for this film while Nusheen Shah’s performances will surprise the viewers too.

Asked about the cost of the film, Abu Talha said, “I believe the film industry needs 5 films made at a cost of one crore but not one crore at the moment. All filmmakers make low budget films and actors, technicians.” , Vendors, and so on so that more and more films can be made.

The highlight of this movie is that for the first time ever, the audience will get to hear the story of Jon Elias in a movie. The original soundtrack is based on the words of Jon Elias, sung by renowned rock band Azal while the other two songs are composed by “Gangster” Ali and Bilalullah Dutta, the third song is “Voice of God” by Mohsin Abbas Haider. And have done it.

The film will be screened on Eid al-Adha by the Eid al-Fitr for the big screen.

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