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This Man Traveled Whole Pakistan without Spending A Peny | Amazing Facts

There is no doubt that tourism is a fascinating but expensive hobby which can not be done by average income holder in our country. A Pakistani youth has proven otherwise. He traveled whole Pakistan without spending any money and returned home safe and sound which speaks many things about our country.

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Arsalan Jokhio is young student from Sindh and visited the entire Pakistan without spending a single rupee. It does sounds unbelievable but when you will know various methods and tricks which Arsalan used for free food, travel and stay during his visit of Pakistan, uou will be amazed.
According to Arslan, his plan was simple – he used all kinds of transport for his trip including trucks, motorcycles, cars and buses, and all these transport he used as a lift.

Arsalan traveled by using lift without spending a single rupee in transport and thus fulfilled the fondness of travelling in four provinces of Pakistan. This exciting adventure begins from Sindh province. Arslan said, “I used every type of transport that was available to me – I traveled in luxury cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses – I did not prefer any particular type of transport, I asked for lift and whosoever stopped and mounted on it.

He says “I wanted to show Pakistan’s safe environment to all people – whether you are traveling at night or with a stranger by day, you will not be harmed  and I did this for my country” . Referring to the expenditure on food, Arsalan said, “Usually, with the people I travel with, they would offer me free meals so i spend very less on food”.

Imagine leaving home alone, roaming the whole country for free, eating free food and returning home in peace – surely this is the beauty of our country Pakistan.

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