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Legend Irrfan Khan Profile – All You Need to Know

Legend Irrfan Khan Profile - All You Need to Know

Famous actor Irfan Khan, whose real name was Sahibzada Irfan Ali Khan, hailed from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. He received his acting training from the National School of Drama, New Delhi. He fell in love with his co-student Sutapa Sikdar and married in 1995. They have two children.

Irfan Khan was from a wealthy family, his father was a successful businessman. As a student he was so shy that he used to get punishment because his voice was so light that no one could understand. Same Irfan Khan when stepped into the acting field, his unique tone influenced every role he played and grabbed major acting awards.

Legend Irrfan Khan Profile - All You Need to Know

His father wanted him to get involved in his business while Irfan Khan wanted to play in the cricket team. He also left home for the same reason and had toughest life of his youth. During this time, he not only went to people’s homes to tutor children but also involved in air condition repairs.

He was once selected in under-23 team in a big tournament but due to lack of money He could not participate in the tournament. He reached the National School of Drama after receiving a scholarship while studying for his MA and became an actor.

Legend Irrfan Khan Profile - All You Need to Know

Even though he didn’t look like a normal movie hero, but still he played all kinds of roles because of his dark eyes, dark hair and unique accent. He was much loved and praised for his awesome roles. His negative roles were so well received that he was even awarded the Padma Shri award.

Irfan Khan, who made his name and money in the most difficult circumstances, had a heartfelt desire to give her mother a full suitcase of money. He was very ill due to cancer last year but got successful treatment for cancer. His last released film was in English medium.

Legend Irrfan Khan Profile - All You Need to Know

On April 25, Irfan Khan’s mother Saeeda Begum died in Jaipur at the age of 95 due to a minor illness. Irfan Khan could not attend his mother’s funeral due to Corona lockdown . In this grief, his health condition deteriorated  and on the fourth day of his mother’s death, April 29, Irfan Khan also passed away at the age of 54.

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