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Public Reaction On Taher Shah Song Farishta

Taher Shah new song was released yesterday. Soon after its release, people shared their views which we have compiled.

Twitteratis Reaction On Taher Shahs Farishta 23

Social media celebrity Taher Shah started his career in 2013 with his popular song ‘Eye to Eye’. He is pretty famous around the world for his songs.

Twitteratis Reaction On Taher Shahs Farishta 4

Here is public reactions to Tahir Shah Farishta song.

Who Is Taher Shah Here Is Complete Information7

#TaherShah after the release of farishta song be like.#TaherShah

— 🇮🇶🇧🇦🇱 🇸🇭🇦🇮🇰🇭🇵🇰 (@Iqbal6322) April 10, 2020

2020 couldn’t get more worse

Tahir shah:hold my beer#farishta #TaherShah

— Areeba Abbasi (@AreebaAbbasi18) April 10, 2020

When herry potter order from daraz.#TaherShah

— Noone (@newbie_567) April 11, 2020


Me on 1st of every month vs Me on the End of Month.

— SHER AFGAN (@SherBoltaHai) April 10, 2020

After 51 seconds listening song Farishta 👎



— Kibra Hïm (10 Apr) 🎂 (@Kibra_Him) April 11, 2020

I said, i back with another one 😄

Mery liye songs ni mery Liye jung.#TaherShah #farishta #ReturnOfAngel

— Navii Anjum (@iamanjum92) April 11, 2020

Reactions from prominent leaders after watching #TaherShah‘s Farishta#farishta

— زماں (@Delhiite_) April 10, 2020

Waking up to see #TaherShah trending be like!

— Riaz Sether (@riazsether) April 11, 2020

“I hope april won’t be such a disaster”.


— (@imdeathstroked) April 11, 2020

Government needs to play this song on streets…so people can stay in homes..

😂😂#TaherShah #farishta #tahirshah

— Tayyab Sohail (@TAYYAB2199) April 10, 2020

No body

Shaitan enjoying Farishta by Taher Shah 😂😂#TaherShah

— Asfand ki baatein (@asfand_nasir1) April 11, 2020

Even That “Insan Farishta” has got someone in his life but you don’t. 😭😂#TaherShah

— Q for Quarantine (@qazisays) April 10, 2020

#TaherShah After Farishta song

” kesa Diya frr”

Whole world :-

— Marwa Pawaar (@tameez_sa) April 11, 2020

Don’t be surprised if dhinchak pooja has a brother… yes yes o&o #TaherShah 😱

— HURAIRA ツ (@naqlimaal) April 11, 2020

Fawad Rana’s reaction after listening #TaherShah‘s Song


— Muzafar Hussain Bhara 🇵🇰 (@Bhara_Saeen) April 11, 2020

Corona wants to go to pluto after listening to #farishta by #TaherShah

— ⭐informistan_⭐ 🇵🇰 (@Acchaa_sorry) April 11, 2020

This comment almost dropped my jaws off😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣#TaherShah #farishta #tahirshah #Corona

— Tayyab Sohail (@TAYYAB2199) April 11, 2020

Everytime after watching #TaherShah ‘s Song.

— Fariha Shaikh (@FarihaShaikh12) April 11, 2020

After listening to #TaherShah song for 5 seconds


— Daki^suki❤ (@Im_fa_raz) April 11, 2020

The word ‘farishta’ in the new #TaherShah song has been used 36+ times. I strongly recommend getting high on acid before watching the video.

— Yᴀꜱʜ Rᴀᴊ Sɪɴɢʜ (@singh_raj_yash) April 11, 2020

Comments are more interesting


— Maham (@Magozafar) April 11, 2020

When you realize that the #Farishta is supposed to be #TaherShah’s son and he’s promoting child marriage.

— Lady Sodoffsky (@FreeRange_Duck) April 11, 2020

What do you think of this latest song by Taher Shah? Share with us in the comments section.

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