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You will Love These Pakistani Celebrities Baby Clicks

Childhood is something when most of awkwardness things happen. Few things related to childhood including dressing, habits and food etc are mostly common for all. Nowadays When we look at our popular icons we generally forget that they have also done almost same things as we in our childhood.

Clicks of our baby days gives tells vivid tales of our culture, living environment and traditions. Through these glimpses of young celebrities, we get an impression of how they lived and grew up before reaching the red carpet.

Funnily enough, they, too, did indulge in awkward family photos and had the ugly duckling yearbook images taken at the gawky stages of puberty. Some of these now celebrities seem to have found the anti-aging elixir, while others changed almost beyond recognition.

We’ve gathered a few celebrity photos of how these celebs have changed massively. Youth comes with its unique beauty often depicted in awkward photos, but it’s impossible to deny that just like a bottle of wine, some things (and people) genuinely do get better with age.

Here are some of your and our favorite celebrities who were seen re-sharing their adorable baby pictures during the lockdown and some, we just dug up.

Check the out!

1. Sana Javed

We’re digging the expressions!

2. Sajal Aly

If we hadn’t typed her name, you wouldn’t have been able to guess for sure!

3. Shahzad Sheikh

That mischievous smile is worth a million dollars.

4. Momal Sheikh

Look at that gol gappa!

5. Mahira Khan

It looks like she’s been a star since forever! *That Colgate smile takes the cake*

6. Iqra Aziz Hussain

How adorable is this?

7. Mawra Hocane

So we have a queen on our list

8. HSY

Although this isn’t a childhood picture, it’s worth sharing!

Well, who’s picture did you like best?

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