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Cute pictures of Sajal Aly With Her Mom

Sajal Aly Shares Adorable Picture With Her Mom

Like Everybody, Sajal Aly was also very close to her mother. Sajal mother died due to cancer and it effected Sajal life significantly. She often expressed her love for her mother on a number of public platforms.

sajal mom 6

She also showed her attachment to her mother that actress recreated her mother’s bridal look on her own wedding.

sajal mom 10

Recently, Sajal Aly shared an adorable picture of herself alongside her mother.

sajal mom 1

Here are more adorable pictures of Sajal with her mom.

sajal mom 12

sajal mom 11

sajal mom 9

sajal mom 8

sajal mom 7

sajal mom 5

sajal mom 4

sajal mom 3

sajal mom 2

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