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Pakistan Showbiz celebrities messages on Eid ul Fitr 2020

Pakistan Showbiz celebrities have congratulated Eid to their fans and conveyed messages that on the occasion of Eid, pray for the victims of plane crash and for bestowing patience on the families of the victims. They also urged fans to make sure social distance in view of Corona. Here are few celebrities messages to their fans.

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    • ##check## Adnan Siddiqui

Actor Adnan Siddiqui shared a video on social media exclusively on the occasion of Eid in which he appealed to the fans to simply celebrate Eid and pray for the forgiveness of those who died in the plane crash.

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    • ##check## Meera
Actress Meera wrote in her message that “I congratulate Muslims all over the world on Eid”.

Like other artists, Meera wrote, urging people to take precautions to avoid the corona virus and to pray for the victims of the plane crash. She said

“We are all celebrating this year’s Eid in a different way than before, God willing.” Keep all human beings safe.

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    • ##check## Asim Azhar
Singer Asim Azhar congratulated the fans on Eid in a unique way.

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    • ##check## Ayeza Khan
Actress Ayeza Khan expressed deep sorrow over the loss of lives in the plane crash on Eid and wrote that while we are celebrating Eid, we have lost our sons, daughters, mothers and parents on the this occasion of happiness.

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