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2 Ways to hide files and folders in Android phone without using any application

There are many apps available on Google Play Store for hiding photos and folders in the gallery. However, if you want to hide photos and folders in your Android phone without using any application, the procedure is also quite simple.

You can hide photos and folders in the gallery of Android phones using two different methods.

The first method
The first way is to hide the entire folder from view.

To do this you create any folder and put a dot before its name. It doesn’t matter what folder you are naming, but to hide the folder, it is necessary to put a dot before the name.
This means that the files in this folder will not be visible in Gallery, Media Player, Email Client and Office Editor, but these folders can be viewed from the file management system or apps in the phone.

The second method

Alternatively, media files can be hidden inside an existing folder. To hide the media files in the folder, you need to create a .nomedia file in that folder. This file will not have an extension, it will just be an empty file named .nomedia. Creating this file in a folder will not show the images and videos in this folder in the gallery

Remember to choose the option to view the hidden files in the file manager before using these methods to hide the file, otherwise these files will not be accessible to you.
In addition to Android’s file management system, users can also view hidden files by installing a well-rated file explorer from the Google Play Store.

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