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Here is How to Share Your Android Mobile Phone Screen with Anyone

Here is How to Share Your Mobile Phone Screen with Anyone

Did you know that you can share your smartphone screen on anyone’s smartphone? You can do this very well with a very easy to use application. This application allows you to view the screen of any friend’s phone on the screen of your smartphone. Obviously this would not be possible without the permission of a friend. Therefore, not only you, but also your friend has to install this application on their smartphone.
The name of this application is inkwire And it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. If you’ve ever used Team Viewer, you know that this application works the same way.

How to share a screen?

Go to Google Play Store in both smartphones Download and install  inkwire app.
Open the app now. Open this application on your and your friend’s smartphone. Now tap the Share button on the screen of the smartphone you want to share. Tap Start Now on the next screen. At the same time, the application will create a 12-digit secret code. Make a note of this code. On the other smartphone on which you want to view the shared screen, tap the Access button and enter the secret code noted on the next screen.
Here is How to Share Your Mobile Phone Screen with Anyone
This way the two phones will be connected to each other. In the next step you will be asked for permission to activate the microphone. Whether you want to activate the microphone or not. Next, tap the Got It button. At the same time, the screen of the first phone will start appearing in your phone.

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