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Spiderman Biryani going viral – Watch Video

Mumbai-based baker Heena Kausar Raad has become known for her unique take on classic dishes. Her latest creation is “Spiderman Biryani” which has garnered significant online attention due to its unconventional blue color and web-like decorations.

Heena Kausar Spiderman Biryani Going Viral

Spiderman Biryani going viral - Watch Video

This Biryani follows Raad’s previous viral hit “Pink Barbie Biryani”. Both dishes showcase her talent for combining artistic flair with traditional food. While the vibrant colors might surprise some, Raad used natural ingredients like butterfly pea flowers to achieve the blue hue by eliminating the need for artificial coloring.

Spiderman Biryani going viral - Watch Video

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Spiderman Biryani is A Feast for the Eyes

Spiderman Biryani features blue rice meticulously arranged to resemble the iconic web-slinger. Edible web decorations add a playful touch which makes the dish a social media favorite.

Mixed Reactions: Art or Artificial?

While the biryani’s visual appeal is undeniable, online reactions have been divided. Some viewers expressed concerns about the potential health effects of the blue coloring while others questioned the use of artificial coloring despite Raad’s claims.

More Than Just Looks

It’s important to remember that the focus of biryani lies in its flavor and traditional preparation. While Raad’s creations offer a unique visual experience, they might not be representative of the dish’s authentic taste.

What do you think?

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