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Sadaf Kanwal copycat Dentist Varisha Javed New Video goes Viral on Social Media

Sadaf Kanwal copycat Dentist Varisha Javed New Video goes Viral on Social Media

Dentist Varisha Javed who became famous overnight by imitating Sadaf Kanwal, has once again got attention of fans with her new video which is going viral. 

The latest video clip is also taken from an interview between Sadaf and Shahrooz which they had set during the shooting of their telefilm “Gharke Na Ghat Ke”. In the interview, Sadaf talks about her and Shahrooz’s mental harmony and expresses her fear of being seen.

“I had plans to make another video today but for some reason I couldn’t,” Varisha wrote in the caption while sharing the Instagram video. You all loved the Sadad Kanwal videos so much that I was forced to make them.”

Varisha hopes that her followers will also enjoy watching this video. In response, Insta Followers also responded to the video with great likes and appreciative comments.

Speaking to Samaa Digital after the video of Sadaf Kanwal’s imitation went viral, Varisha said, “After watching Sadaf Kanwal’s interview, I came up with the idea of ​​making this funny video because many people had said that I look like them. I don’t think so At first I thought that I would make a video and send it to my close friends, we would laugh and the chapter would close. I never thought the video would go so viral. “

Dentistry final year student Varisha handles a group together with 3 other friends who came up with the idea 2 years ago, says Varisha. “People think that hard learners are very boring but we thought Let everyone know that we are not boring at all. ”

Apart from Sadaf Kanwal, Varisha also imitated Sana Javed’s impressions and got a certificate of liking here too.

Sadaf Kanwal and Shahrooz announced their marriage on May 31 on Instagram. Earlier, Sadaf’s name was in the news regarding the divorce between Shahrooz and Syra Yusuf, after which Sadaf and Shahrooz announced their marriage on May 31. Most of the social media users criticized both of them and expressed sympathy with Syra. Shahrooz and Syra got married in 2012 and separated in April 2020.

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