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Hafeez Center was Burning and Blogger named Fatima was Shooting Pictures

A horrific fire broke out at Hafeez Center Plaza in Gulberg area of ​​the provincial capital Lahore yesterday, burning goods worth billions of rupees to ashes.

According to initial reports, the fire started from a short circuit on the second floor. The blaze also engulfed the upper two floors, with mobile phones, laptops, computers, batteries, compressors, generators and diesel in stores. During the fire, there were intermittent explosions. 

The traders also gave azans while tears of helplessness could be seen in everyone’s eyes. Some businessmen hugged and consoled each other. But the female blogger present on the occasion showed extreme indifference. 
A blogger named Fatima Nasir posted pictures of the scene in a very ridiculous manner. Fatima Nasir did a photo shoot in front of burning Plaza and also enjoyed eating there. It is noteworthy that Fatima Nasir was also given access to a place where traders were not allowed to go. In Fatima Nasir’s photos, one could see that shops were burning on one side and traders were weeping on the other side, but the female blogger Keep up the good content. 
When the pictures of Fatima Nasir went viral on social media, they were severely criticized by the users. The fire incident at Hafeet Center was an incident on which the whole country was saddened. But in such a situation, the female blogger crossed all the boundaries of shamelessness. Public was surprised that  how can a person be so insensitive that on the one hand people’s life savings are burning in front of their eyes while on the other hand someone is making fun of them and laughing and shooting photos. People have demanded action against the blogger.

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