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Hira Mani Explains her Full Diet Plan and weight Loss Journey

Hira Mani Diet Plan

Hira Mani, a well-known actress in the Pakistani drama industry, is the first actress to enter the industry as an actress after getting married and having two children.

Hira weighed a lot at the beginning of her showbiz career. She worked hard on her weight issue and if we compare her present look with her earlier shape, she has changed a lot. The actress shared her weight loss journey with fans several times, Hira was invited as guest in Nida Yasir morning show with her husband Mani and once again she explained to her fans about her weight loss journey.

Hira said, 

“I didn’t eat breakfast at all before, I learned to eat breakfast from Mani. When I thought of losing weight, I first vowed that I would not follow a direct diet plan. First I would strengthen my body by eating healthy foods, then I would start dieting.”

She continues, 

“I always give great importance to breakfast. I take bran cereals with milk for breakfast which includes a handful of dried fruits and 3 to 4 dates. I eat 2 eggs shortly after eating it because protein is very important for your body.”

At the same time, the actress also suggested that it is very important to work out on daily basis. Watch Hira Mani video explaining her full diet plan and routine. 

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