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Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson is married to comedian Colin Just for Third Time

Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson is married to comedian Colin Just. This is her third marriage. The wedding took place last weekend but was announced on Thursday.

The 35-year-old actress married Colin Just, the 38-year-old author and actor of Saturday Night Live, who had been in contact with each other since May last year and had been meeting frequently.

Johansson was the highest paid actress last year. The release of her new film ‘Black Widow’ has been postponed several times due to the corona virus. Johansson’s wedding was announced by Mails on Wheels America, a charity Organization, through its official Instagram accounts.

The welfare organization said in its message that the wedding ceremony was attended by family and special guests and special care was taken to ensure the safety of Code 19.

The post says that the purpose of the marriage through ‘Mails on Wheels America’ is to support the organization as well as to provide financial support to vulnerable and elderly people in difficult times of the corona virus.

Born in New York, Johansson has been married twice before. Her first marriage was to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, while her second marriage was to French journalist Roman Doric.

She has played a number of roles as a child artist, but her real fame came in 2003 when she starred in Sofia Coppola’s Oscar-winning romance and comedy, Lost in Translation. Scarlett Johansson has starred in a number of popular and superhit films, including Lucy, Marriage Story, Ghost World, Match Point, Avengers, Captain America, Red Sparrow, Iron Man, The Prestige, The Horse Supper, Spider-Man and Black Wood.

It was only after this fame that he began to get the lead role. She has acted in eight films of Marvel Studios. Forbes magazine has named her the highest paid actress in 2019. His name was added to the list in exchange for earning 56 million.

Johansson has also been nominated twice for Oscars last year for her films ‘Jojo Rabbit’ and ‘Marriage Story’. In addition to acting, Johansson has been a vocal advocate for women’s rights. She is one of the first to provide financial support to defend women who have been sexually harassed and abused.

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