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Cov-Raid, a Pakistani Software which can detect Corona Virus within a Minute

Finally a much awaited positive news about development of COVID-19 detection is here. The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap) has granted approval to ‘Cov-raid’, a locally developed software capable of “detecting the novel coronavirus in a person’s lungs within a minute”.

Cov-raid (Rapid Artificial Intelligence Detection), developed by the National Electronics Complex of Pakistan, requires a chest X-Ray image as an input for the detection of Covid-19.
‘COV-RAID’ has an accuracy of more than 90% and is a cost-effective and universally accessible diagnostic tool.
Science Diplomacy Pakistan congratulated the National Electronics Complex of Pakistan (NECOP) and the country’s scientists on developing this tool, a media report says.
It said Pakistan was ready to explore collaborations and partnerships to share this technology with the world.
The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) had done a trial test of detecting coronavirus with chest X-rays using artificial intelligence, the National Command and Operating Centre said.
Permission for the trial test was given to NECOP by the PEC. A final test report has, however, yet to be shared by the PEC.

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