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Reasons of Halima Sultan Matha Patti Popularity in Pakistan

Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi actress Hamila Sultan is the heartbeat of millions. She acted so vividly in the drama that even Pakistani actors could not help but admire her. However, the jewelery worn by Halima Sultan, which we commonly call Matha Patti, is becoming extremely popular among women across the country. The women have annoyed the shopkeepers that we need such forehead bands and hair benches.

Halima Sultan Matha Patti


Let’s find out now about this ornament. This Matha Patti is a cultural ornament which is becoming very popular among the local women after this drama. Women are using it at weddings and other occasions. Earlier this ornament was called Matha Patti but after the popularity of drama and actress it is now being called as “Halima Sultan’s ornament”.
Halima Sultan Matha Patti

 Apart from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, this forehead band is also becoming popular in other cities of the country. The reason for its popularity is nono other than Halima Sultan, while women wearing forehead bandages look beautiful and simple. There are many types of forehead bands. But nowadays the demand for Halima Sultan’s forehead band is increasing. 

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