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Yasir Hussain Imitating Moin Akhtar is not Going well with Social Media Gladiators

Yasir Hussain Imitating Moin Akhtar

Who can forget the legendary Pakistani actor and comedian Moin Akhtar? His fans still remember him for his brilliant acting and excellent personality.

 However, it so happened that the well-known comedian, host and playwright Anwar Maqsood’s Moin Akhtar’s show with Yasir Hussain in the style of Loose Talk has caused a lot of anger among the users.
 Moin Akhtar is second to none in satire, comedy and acting. He also did a 400-episode show for a private channel called ‘Loose Talk’, which is a unique record of his career.

 This famous show was closed after the death of Moin Akhtar, but now a similar show is being aired under the auspices of Anwar Maqsood in which actor Yasir Hussain is playing the role of guest instead of Moin Akhtar which is not going well with public.
A user named Ali Khan wrote, “Unfortunately, we have failed to nurture any new talent for comedy, and the talent within acting is kept only on the small screen.” Those who don’t have talent are coming to the movies. ”
Another user said, “Omar Sharif and Aqeel Siddiqui would have been better choices than Yasir Hussain. These people are legends. ”
A user named Farhan Zaheer wrote that “2020 has been a very bad year and the irony is that Anwar Maqsood is launching a show like the most popular show ‘Loose Talk’ in which Moin Akhtar will be replaced by Yasir Hussain. Which is an insult to the legendary actor. He is not capable of imitating Moin Akhtar. ”
Anwar Maqsood was the host and Moin Akhtar was the guest in the program Loose Talk and in each new episode he used to give interviews in the form of different characters which were very much liked by the fans. Be it politics or the bitterness of society, he would describe any subject in such a way that the viewers would burst into laughter.
What do you think about this new combination of Loose Talk show? Tell us your thoughts in comments section below. 

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