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Austria’s constitutional court has overturned a law banning the Hijab

Austria’s constitutional court has overturned a law banning the country’s hijab. The law was enacted last year.

According to international media, during a meeting on Friday night, it was announced that the law banning the wearing of headscarves in primary schools is unconstitutional, so the Constitutional Court has decided to repeal it.

Law Banning Hijab was enacted last year 

The law banning scarves and hijabs in schools was passed in the fall of last year. Austrian chancellors are now obliged to repeal the previous law without delay on the orders of the Austrian Constitutional Court.
Extremist elements at the forefront of Islamophobia in Austria initially intended to gradually impose such restrictions on high schools, colleges and then universities through a law banning the hijab in primary schools.
Now, however, as a result of the objections and efforts of the Austrian-based Muslim community, the Constitutional Court has ruled that the law is unconstitutional and has ordered its repeal.
 With the repeal of this law, Muslim primary school students will no longer have to come to school and take off their scarves.

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