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50 Most Popular Showbiz Celebrities in 2020 includes Pakistani Actors Too

Pakistani Celebrities

The list of 50 most popular artists in Asia has been released this year. According to a foreign news agency, 4 famous Pakistani artists also managed to make their place in the list of 50 popular artists.

Ali Zafar

Pakistani Celebrities

Singer and actor Ali Zafar is ranked 39th in the list compiled by Eastern Eye.
 Ali Zafar gave a better song to the Pakistan Super League this year than the official song of PSL. Apart from this, Ali Zafar also encouraged new talent through various projects this year.

Sharmeen Obaid Chanay

Pakistani Celebrities

Oscar-winning director Sharmeen Obaid Chanay ranks 49th on the list. Sharmeen Obaid Chennai played an important role in raising awareness about social issues in the year 2020.
 They bring new talent to the fore and succeed in gaining international attention through their work.

Sarwat Gilani

Pakistani Celebrities

In this list, Sarwat Gilani, the actress of web series ‘Chirils’ is at 21st position. Sarwat Gilani consolidated his position as a feminist icon.

 In addition, he has opened new doors for TV content in Pakistan by performing well in the web series ‘Sparrows’.

Bilal Abbas

Pakistani Celebrities

Showbiz industry young actor Bilal Abbas Khan’s name is at number 28 in the list. Bilal Abbas Khan quickly gained popularity this year by performing amazingly in several dramas.

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