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Pakistani scientists takes Revolutionary step in Agriculture by introducing Mombasa grass

Pakistani scientists have taken a revolutionary step in the field of agriculture by introducing Mombasa grass.

Scientists say that this grass, taller than sugarcane, is the best alternative to meet the nutritional needs of cattles. This tall and thick grass is also used for food for other animals.
Scientists from the Pakistan Agriculture and Research Council (PARC) said that no major investment is required for its growth and there is no need to wait for specific seasons. PARC scientists added that this grass can be easily cultivated and its crop can be benefited.
 According to PARC, research is also being done on this grass to prevent weather effects and various attacks.
Mombasa grass is a good alternative to animal feed as well as a nutritional supplement that will also help promote healthy products containing protein and other nutrients.
The research, introduced by Pakistani scientists, is being hailed as a revolution in the livestock sector, which will also benefit farmers.

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